Our strength


Gexcel has many technical, scientific and trade partnerships with small and large companies, research centers, manufacturers of equipment and training institutions allowing to create, manufacture and commercialize innovative solutions in the most advanced 3D detection fields.

Complete solutions

Gexcel is everyday more and more involved in system integration activities. Starting from our on-field experience on precise 3D surveying activities and on high standard software development, Gexcel is working to develop full solutions composed by sensors, hardware, software… what we call Full Solution. When just pressing a botton a complex process starts and a solution is easily obtained, Gexcel has reached its goal.

Software development

Gexcel software comes from a multi-year experience of facing real daily problems found working on the field and from long collaboration with research departments. Our developing team works side by side with Gexcel engineers, architects, surveyors. Gexcel software born from this approach and grows advanced, easy to use, flexible and solution oriented. "A lot of people assume that creating software is purely a solitary activity where you sit in an office with the door closed all day and write lots of code." Bill Gates


Since the 90s the Gexcel team has been working around the world, EVERYWHERE, from the glacier surveys of the Himalayas, to the GNSS surveys in Antarctica, from the 3D Lidar surveying of Archeological Sites in the Holy Land to the 3D monitoring of the Italian Architectural treasures as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, from the GNSS networks for high speed railways until the verticality check of modern skyscrapers. All this expertise is at the disposal of EVERYONE who needs our consultancy in the surveying “art”!


Our technicians constantly collaborate with the FARO R&D division to ensure compatibility of our software with SCENE software, Focus3D and Freestyle sensors. They also developed dedicated packages "for FARO users" designed for the companies and customers who work only with tools of this manufacturer.

We enjoy a close collaboration with the development team of the sensors of Teledyne Optech. Today a software version dedicated solely to handle the ILRIS sensor and manage its data is available. From this collaboration came the solution for the monitoring of open pit mines (OPMMS) that operates in sync with the Teledyne Optech ILRIS 3D sensor.

Thanks to a close collaboration with Stonex, Gexcel ensures a full hardware-software compatibility. This partnership allows Stonex to market a version of our software customized and optimized to work only with the X300 sensor with special functions for coloring the acquired scans. 
Products marketed only by Stonex.

The collaboration between Zoller+Fröhlich and Gexcel is very close and effective. This guarantees a great compatibility between data, various Zoller+Fröhlich sensors and Gexcel software.

The Gexcel team has a long history of collaboration with Riegl, since the time of the first terrestrial laser scanning survey of the Ice Fall Glacier (Mt. Everest) in Himalayas. The Gexcel software is fully compatible with Riegl RiSCAN PRO data formats.

New! Gexcel, thanks to a close collaboration with development division of Topcon, is now able to guarantee a full compatibility of the JRC 3D Reconstructor® with the GLS-2000 platform, the new laser scanner from Topcon. Learn more...

New! Gexcel and Dr-Clauss are working together to assure the Dr-Clauss clients the possibility to manage their data inside the Gexcel software, especially in JRC 3D Reconstructor®.

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New! Experience the full compatibility of JRC 3D Reconstructor with data coming from all Velodyne sensors and find out the power of the HDL-32E sensor in the new HERON mobile mapping system.

New! Gexcel and Dot Product assure the full compatibility between Gexcel software and DotProduct. Now it is possible to use the powerful Gexcel software tools to align and fully manage the data coming from the DOT Product handheld scanner. Learn more...


What's new!

  • JRC 3D Reconstructor 3.3

    JRC 3D Reconstructor® 3.3

    Find out the latest improvements of JRC 3D Reconstructor 3.3 to manage your Lidar, UAV e imaging 3D data in a much easier and faster way. Among the most important news:

    GEXCEL RECAP PLAGIN: fast integration with the Autodesk software thanks to the direct export of .rcs e .rcp formats.
    Interactive and efficient VEGETATION REMOVAL thanks to a new "curvature filter" and an improved color mapping dialog.

  • HERON Wearable Mobile Mapping System



    Find out HERON® and its revolutionary indoor/outdoor smart surveying approach!

    A clever mobile surveying system for 3D real time mapping without using GNSS and expensive IMUs!
    With a powerful algorithm for the global optimization of the 3D model along with localization and change detection capabilities.

    Learn more...
  • SCAN TO VECTOR Software Suite


    Gexcel and ClearEdge3D jointed for a software marketing and sales partnership that offers a complete automated registration and modeling solution for BIM and Plant industries.

    By combining the revolutionary Gexcel’s LineUp® Pro tool (for automatic target-less scans registration) with the powerful ClearEdge3D’s EdgeWise™ software (for automated as-built modeling), the BIM&PLANT and INDUSTRIAL PLANT Suites can offer a faster field-to-finish workflow for capturing data without targets, accurately registering the point cloud and creating an intelligent model ready for the CAD and BIM platforms.

    Learn more...
  • Import of BIM 3D model


    Let's see the advanced tool of JRC 3D Reconstructor to compare a CAD master model and the as-built of an object.

    Import a 3D model (included .IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and .STL format) or easily create a 3D mesh models, experience the unique Inspection feature with the newest Color Mapping tool to detect displacements and deformations.

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  • Stand-Alone APPs for FARO data


    Two basic programs which do not require SCENE to work, developed by Gexcel for FARO users:
    AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION TOOLS. Automatically register your .fls scans without using any target or sphere (only 30% of overlap between scans is required!).
    VOLUMES & ISOLINES TOOLS. Easily create digital terrain models, extract isolines and sections (ready for CAD), and calculate volumes and cut&fills, starting from your registered .fls. Perfect for open pit mines, excavations, stockpiles, caves but also for tanks volume evaluation.

    Learn about the Gexcel dedicated products for FARO