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HERON AC 2 Color with Control Unit




HERON AC-2 Color



HERON AC-2 Color is an improved version of the AC-2, designed for customers who need to integrate the point cloud model with images from a 360° panoramic camera. Beside the professional indoor/outdoor 3D real-time mapping, localization and change detection capabilities, you can also add a photographic survey. This feature can speed up the objects identification process for facility management projects: in fact, when you integrate 3D and imagery data, you can easily recognize objects difficult to visualize on the point cloud.

HERON AC-2 Color maintains the same technical characteristics of the AC-2: 2cm local accuracy and an estimated global accuracy of 5cm*, as well as the possibility to register a high-res scans on the HERON point cloud. As the AC-2 model, HERON AC-2 Color does not require to run GPS/GNSS antennas, targets, trolleys or frequent calibrations procedures and can be used in any condition.







    • Weight (no Control Unit): 6.25 Kg
    • Weight of Control Unit: 1.4 Kg
    • Time of initialization: ~ 30 sec
    • Working time (continuous use): ~ 2 h/1 battery
    • Working indoors/outdoors: YES
    • Real-time visualization: YES
    • Operating temp.: -10° ; + 40°
    • Storage temp.: -40° ; + 60°
    • Scanning rate: 700.000 points per second
    • Local accuracy: ~ 2cm
    • Final global accuracy: ~ 5cm*
    • Final survey resolution: ~ 2cm
    • Output data: .e57, .las, .ply
    • Sensor: Velodyne HDL-32E
    • Wavelength: 903 nm
    • Max range: 80-100 m
    • Min range: 1 m
    • Angular FOV (horizontal): 360°
    • Angular FOV (vertical): +10.67° ; -30.67°
    • Laser safety class: 1
    • Battery: NiMH 12V 9Ah
    Resolution: Full HD
    Max frame rate: 60 FPS
    Horizontal-Vertical FOV: 360°
    Interface: USB 3.0
    35mm equivalent focal length: 1.036 mm
    Depth of focus: 40 cm to ∞
    Automatic color and light balance: Yes
    Automatic exposure control: Yes

    *Global accuracy depends on the effectiveness of the SLAM registration algorithm, which can be influenced by the geometry of the surveyed data. Long paths in absence of loop closures and crossover, but also different conditions as narrow tunnels and stairs can downgrade the global accuracy to 20-50 cm, partially or fully improved using the advanced control parameters available in the HERON® Desktop software. Ask to Gexcel support team for more detailed information on how to get the best results from your HERON® instrument.


    HERON® Desktop

    The software specifically designed for the HERON® data post-processing.
    It allows to:
    •  Process the acquired data
    •  Minimize the "drift" effects (tical of SLAM process)
    •  Export the final point cloud model (.E57, .las, .ply)
    •  Get reference maps for tracking survey (Localization and Change Detection)
    •  Extract 2D maps and global preview of the model with geometrical changes (obtained by surveying in Change Detection mode)
    •  Easily go to JRC 3D Reconstructor® for results and deeper data analysis

    JRC 3D Reconstructor® CONSTRUCTION

    Designed for construction, infrastructures and civil engineering surveying projects,
    JRC 3D Reconstructor® CONSTRUCTION is the perfect answer to the needs of surveyors working in civil engineering.
    Main output:
    •  Cross sections, front buildings, orthographic views
    •  Displacement and verticality maps
    •  Areas and volumes
    •  Points surfaces comparisons (inspection)
    •  Smart transfer of results into CAD for deliverables production


    • HERON® Desktop - extra licenses
    • JRC 3D Reconstuctor® CONSTRUCTION - extra licenses
    • JRC 3D Reconstructor® - upgrade to other packages
    • LineUp® PRO automatic target-less registration tool


    • Extra batteries
    • Carbon pole for handheld usage
    • Magnetic attachment for car
    • Tapered spherical planar target
    • Topographic nails for tip


    Respect to the previous HERON AC-1 Color model, the new HERON AC-2 Color presents the following main improvements:

    • the unique and powerful capability to use point clouds data (i.e. from TLS or drone) as constraints to geo-reference or to correct possible drift effects of the SLAM approach;

    • new high-standard color capabilities to dramatically enlarge the fields of work (real-time BIM change detection, geospatial applications, objects recognition for facility management, etc.);

    • the innovative GoBlueprint free tool, compatible with CAD, to provide a fast data delivery generation and visualization directly on the field.









The free tool to manage, visualize and share HERON's 2D maps and projects with colleagues or clients. An effective way to quickly obtain a real measure from your HERON projects.


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