heron ms-1 color

HERON MS-1 Color


HERON MS-1 Color is an improved version of the MS-1, designed for customers who need to get a rugged configuration along with a point cloud model with images from a 360° panoramic camera. Beside the professional indoor/outdoor 3D real time mapping, localization and change detection capabilities, you can also add a photographic survey. This feature can speed up the objects identification process for facility management projects: in fact, when you integrate 3D and imagery data, you can easily recognize objects difficult to visualize on the point cloud.

HERON MS-1 Color maintains the same technical characteristics of the MS-1: 2cm local accuracy and an estimated global accuracy of 5cm*, as well as the possibility to register a high-res scans on the HERON point cloud. As the MS-1 model, HERON MS-1 Color does not require to run GPS/GNSS antennas, targets, trolleys or frequent calibrations procedures and can be used in any condition.

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    • Time of initialization: ~ 30 sec
    • Working time (with one battery): ~ 3 h
    • Working indoor: YES
    • Working outdoor: YES
    • Real time visualization: YES
    • Operating temperature: -10° ; + 40°
    • Storage temperature: -40° ; + 60°
    • Scanning rate: 700.000 points per second
    • Local accuracy: ~ 2cm
    • Final global accuracy: ~ 5cm* in short close rings
    • Final survey resolution: ~ 2cm
    • Output data: .E57, .las, .ply
    • Sensor: Velodyne HDL-32E
    • Wavelength: 903 nm
    • Max range: 80-100 m
    • Min range: 1 m
    • Angular FOV (horizontal): 360°
    • Angular FOV (vertical): +10.67° ; -30.67°
    • Laser safety class: 1
    • Battery: NiMH 12V 9Ah
    • Design: Rugged
    Resolution: 1.8 MP
    Max frame rate: 60 FPS
    Horizontal FOV: 360°
    Vertical FOV: 58°
    Interface: USB3
    Lens: 5x 2.8mm F2.0
    Trigger input and output: Yes
    Automatic/Manual exposure control: Yes
    Automatic/Manual gain control: Yes


    *The global accuracy of HERON is function of the geometry of the surveyed area. Long paths and different working situation can move the accuracy down to 10-20cm


    HERON® Desktop

    The software specifically designed for the HERON® data post processing.
    It allows to:
    •  Process the acquired data
    •  Minimize the "drift" effects (tical of SLAM process)
    •  Export the final point cloud model (.E57, .las, .ply)
    •  Get reference maps for tracking survey (Localization and Change Detection)
    •  Extract 2D maps and global preview of the model with geometrical changes (obtained by surveying in Change Detection mode)
    •  Easily go to JRC 3D Reconstructor® for results and deeper data analysis

    JRC 3D Reconstructor® MINING-TUNNELLING

    Dedicated to mine and tunnel surveying projects based on Lidar sensors and UAVs data.

    Main output:
    •  DTM generation and editing with easy workflows
    •  Contour lines, crests&toes, cut&fill, profiles, plan views extraction
    •  UAV GeoTIFF mapping

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    • HERON® Desktop - extra licenses
    • JRC 3D Reconstuctor® MINING-TUNNELLING - extra licenses
    • JRC 3D Reconstructor® - upgrade to other packages
    • LineUp® PRO automatic target-less registration tool


    • Extra batteries
    • Carbon pole for handheld usage
    • Magnetic attachment for car
    • Tapered spherical planar target
    • Topographic nails for tip