Check the differences respect to a previous survey



HERON®: the only system on the market supporting a real time change detection activity


More than a 3D mapping system! HERON® is also a clever and powerful monitoring device.

If you have a point cloud or a BIM model of your site, just load it on HERON® and start a new survey. You will automatically see the changes of the ongoing survey with respect to the previous one highlighted in red on the control unit screen.

This unique function can be applied for several purposes, i.e. to point out geometric variations for security planning, space control of big areas for logistic needs, “as built/as designed” BIM check, and more. And always working in real-time, obtaining the results on site, therefore dramatically reducing costs and time!

And if you see that a specific area needs a more detailed scan, a tripod laser scanner survey can be made and automatically registered on the HERON® point cloud.




 heron change detection