• Real-time 3D Monitoring: Automatic monitoring and data archiving.
  • Web application Software: Local & Web based OPMMS® control. Remote on line support available.
  • Accessories & Options: Useful accessories, software options and integrated surveying tools available.
  • Hardware/Software Full Supported: We care of hardware, accessories and software issues.
  • Improve Mining Safety: Protect employees, tools and equipments.
  • One ILRIS Multiple Locations: Fast re-align OPMMS® to the previous scan history.
  • Production Monitoring: Calculate volumes and compare to previous surveys.
  • Automatic Landslide Alert: Worn workers and the mine manager if the movements overpass a defined threshold.
  • High-Resolution Images: Color your point clouds with high-resolution images.


  • Session Management
  • Optech ILRIS Control
  • External Camera Handling (Canon EOS series models: Available models are Canon EOS 60D, 450D, 500D. Other models should be compatible but not been tested. Customized integration is possible.)
  • Scan Pose Registration (Automatic Fine Registration to improve scan alignment)
  • Scan Pose Link (Pose Recovery Using registration tools available in JRC 3D Reconstructor® and ILRIS Scan® packages.)
  • Single Reference Base Scan with Mask Filtering Option | Additional Reference Points
  • Data Processing and Analysis Engine
  • Configurable Thresholds and Alarms
  • Customizable Scheduler Function
  • Automatic and Manual On-the-Fly Outputs (Statistics, Inspection Map, Classification Chart, Displacement and Displacement Rate Graphs over time interval)
  • Platform Rollover Control Functions


  • OptechILRIS-3D,3D-ER
  • OptechILRIS-HD,HD-ER
  • OptechILRIS-LR


  • Color High-Resolution Images
  • Results Export Functions
  • SMS Allert: SMS notification is subject to the availability of a text messaging local service provider. Subscription and traffic costs not included
  • Local sound Allert
  • E-mail Allert


  • Rugged structure
  • Operating System: English Windows 7 Professional 64bit
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: High capacity / high performance (SSD disks suggested)
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 500 Series with 2 GB RAM  Multi-core CPU (minimum 8 core)
  • Minimum 4 USB ports or a multi-port USB Hub
  • Corporate Antivirus/antispyware software
  • Remote internet access enabled on the workstation using the VNC service, for high performance remote support