Tabella Comparativa STONEX-Reconstructor®

Import STONEX raw data
  • Details : Import raw data from STONEX X300 scanner with coloring function
Import LiDAR point clouds, UAV and total station
  • Details : Import LiDAR point clouds, UAV and total station in open formats
Import meshes and CAD models
  • Details : Import meshes and CAD models (.dxf, .ifc, .stl, .wrl,. 3ds, .ply, obj, .dae)
Export point clouds
  • Details : Export point clouds (.txt, .LAS, .E57, .ptx, .pts, .asc, .ply, .ptc, .ixf)
Export 3D mesh models
  • Details : Export 3D mesh models (.dxf, .stl, .wrl,. 3ds, .ply, obj, .dae)
Gexcel ReCap Plug-in
  • Details : With Gexcel ReCap Plug-in export from STONEX-Reconstructor the *.rcp and *.rcs ReCap 360™ formats and directly import in ReCap 360™ STONEX-Reconstructor projects (*.recprj) and raw data (*.rup and *.rgp).
    The Gexcel ReCap Plug-in is available for all the STONEX-Reconstructor packages and works only with licensed versions of STONEX-Reconstructor and ReCap 360™.
Point clouds filtering
  • Details : Point clouds filtering (noise reduction, edge detection, normals, vegetation removal, smart scan simplification, clustering with sampling and density homogenization)
LineUp® registration
  • Details : LineUp® tool features
    • Scans geo-referencing
    • Scans registration with automatic extraction of surveying target centers (circular)
    • Scans alignment per groups
    • Cloud to cloud best fitting alignment
    • Bundle adjustment with constrains
LineUp® Pro (automatic target-less) registration
  • Details : LineUp® Pro: Automatic target-less registration
Meshing type 1
  • Details : Meshing type 1. Scans-based uniform and multi-resolution meshes (ideal for building large models)
Meshing type 2
  • Details : Meshing type 2. Mesh from user defined view (ideal for building façades)
Meshing type 3
  • Details : Meshing type 3. Topographic mesh (ideal for DSM, escavations, open pit mines)
Meshing type 4
  • Details : Meshing type 4. 3D mesh (ideal for convex and concave surfaces, tunnel, tanks, statues)
Mesh editor and mesh simplification
  • Details : Mesh editor and mesh simplification
Point color editor
  • Details : Point color editor (color with altitude, range, inclination)
Scans multiple color layer manager
  • Details : Scans multiple color layer manager (for colors enhance or restoration simulation)
Color&Mapping Tool
  • Details : Color&Mapping Tool features:
    • Scans multiple color layer manager (for colors enhance or restoration simulation)
    • Camera calibration with chessboard for internal (intrinsic) camera parameters
    • Texture meshes with high resolution images (ideal for heritage, forensic and security applications)
    • Import and projection of GeoTIFF images from UAV or aerial images (.TFW)
    • Creation of panorama images by using the external High Resolution camera
Intelligent points clustering
  • Details : Intelligent points clustering with Virtual Scan tools (perspective, ortho, spherical, cylindrical)
3D models comparisons
  • Details : 3D models comparisons (models change detection, as built/as designed verification)
Surface analysis
  • Details : Surface analysis (planarity and verticality/horizontality maps creation)
Cross sections and isolines
  • Details : Multiple cross sections computation and isolines generation (direct export in .DXF format)
Unfold cylindrical/spherical surfaces
  • Details : Unfold cylindrical and spherical surfaces
Orthophotos from point clouds and meshes
  • Details : Orthophotos extraction from point clouds and meshes
Linear distances
  • Details : Linear distances
Area calculation
  • Details : Area calculation
Volume calculation
  • Details : Volume calculation
Cut & Fill volume calculation
  • Details : Cut & Fill volume calculation
Ridges & Valleys extraction
  • Details : Ridges & Valleys extraction
Mesh border edges detection
  • Details : Mesh border edges detection
Video creation
  • Details : Video creation from a camera path or user defined trajectories (export into a ready-to-use video)
View points definition
  • Details : View points definition for security and forensic applications
Tunnel tools
  • Details : Tunnel tools: cross sections and cylindrical surfaces unfolding respect to the tunnel axis