A team of engineers and surveyors can provide support in all the activities that require:


The Engineering & Consulting unit provides advice to private and public companies in topography precision and certification areas and in the geomatics fields.
Our R&D group is able to devise and implement innovative solutions to complex problems that arise in modern construction sites.



What's new!

  • JRC 3D Reconstructor 3.3

    JRC 3D Reconstructor® 3.3

    Find out the latest improvements of JRC 3D Reconstructor 3.3 to manage your Lidar, UAV e imaging 3D data in a much easier and faster way. Among the most important news:

    GEXCEL RECAP PLUGIN: fast integration with the Autodesk software thanks to the direct export of .rcs e .rcp formats.
    Interactive and efficient VEGETATION REMOVAL thanks to a new "curvature filter" and an improved color mapping dialog.

  • HERON Wearable Mobile Mapping System



    Find out HERON® and its revolutionary indoor/outdoor smart surveying approach!

    A clever mobile surveying system for 3D real time mapping without using GNSS and expensive IMUs!
    With a powerful algorithm for the global optimization of the 3D model along with localization and change detection capabilities.

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  • SCAN TO VECTOR Software Suite


    Gexcel and ClearEdge3D jointed for a software marketing and sales partnership that offers a complete automated registration and modeling solution for BIM and Plant industries.

    By combining the revolutionary Gexcel’s LineUp® Pro tool (for automatic target-less scans registration) with the powerful ClearEdge3D’s EdgeWise™ software (for automated as-built modeling), the BIM&PLANT and INDUSTRIAL PLANT Suites can offer a faster field-to-finish workflow for capturing data without targets, accurately registering the point cloud and creating an intelligent model ready for the CAD and BIM platforms.

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  • Import of BIM 3D model


    Let's see the advanced tool of JRC 3D Reconstructor to compare a CAD master model and the as-built of an object.

    Import a 3D model (included .IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and .STL format) or easily create a 3D mesh models, experience the unique Inspection feature with the newest Color Mapping tool to detect displacements and deformations.

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  • Stand-Alone APPs for FARO data


    Two basic programs which do not require SCENE to work, developed by Gexcel for FARO users:
    AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION TOOLS. Automatically register your .fls scans without using any target or sphere (only 30% of overlap between scans is required!).
    VOLUMES & ISOLINES TOOLS. Easily create digital terrain models, extract isolines and sections (ready for CAD), and calculate volumes and cut&fills, starting from your registered .fls. Perfect for open pit mines, excavations, stockpiles, caves but also for tanks volume evaluation.

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