Comparative Table

Automatic Structure from Motion
  • Details : The reconstruction engine can estimate both the internal and external camera parameters automatically. Most of the reconstruction pipelines rely only on manual calibration or exif information and fail when this information is not present. Zephyr does not. When the information is not present, Zephyr computes everything automatically from the images.
Global and Incremental pipeline
  • Details : Enjoy the Zephyr state of the art reconstruction engine and keep control over the reconstruction process: both the classic incremental pipeline and the new, fastest global pipeline are available and selectable.
Easiest camera calibration management
  • Details : Although the Zephyr technology is completely automatic, it also offers the possibility to download calibrations from the database (when available) or to launch 3DF Lapyx, the camera calibration tool, directly from Zephyr.
Add photos anytime
  • Details : Add your pictures, process the dataset and then add more pictures. Zephyr will automatically add the new pictures to the workspace.
Dense cloud generation
  • Details : Noise reduction filters and cleaning tools are also available during the point cloud generation step.
Reconstruction with presets
  • Details : Lots of presets for most common scenarios are already available for selection, including sharp surface option presets.
Advanced settings
  • Details : Touch and tweak the Zephyr reconstruction engine with few clicks in every single reconstruction phase with clear and easy to understand advanced settings.
Custom settings
  • Details : Photogrammetry expert? Tweak every little detail in Zephyr reconstruction engine by directly feeding xml files to configure any aspect of the 3D reconstruction.
Mesh Texturing
  • Details : During the texture generation, Zephyr proceeds in a completely lossless way and it uses the images at their original resolution for the best possible results. A powerful automatic color balance option is available for smooth texture generation.
Editing tools
  • Details : Selection and cleaning tools are provided for basic post processing of the reconstruction.
Mesh filters, hole filling and photoconsistency
  • Details : Decimation, densification, smoothing as well as hole filling filters are directly available within Zephyr. The newest photo-consistency based mesh optimizations ensures the best possible details in your extracted meshes.
Mesh filtering on selection
  • Details : Densification, decimation and retopology can be applied to whole objects or on a sub selection of triangles within a mesh.
Match viewer
  • Details : Easily visualize the computed matches to improve your next workflow or to improve your current project.
Direct Sketchfab upload
  • Details : Upload your creations directly to Sketchfab in just a few clicks.
Video making & smartsnap
  • Details : Create beautiful videos of your reconstructed 3D model directly with Zephyr: path animation, HD resolution and frame rate settings (including glorious 60fps) are included. Zephyr encodes video in the most common formats using ffmpeg. You do not need an external frame grabber: from the interface you can add keyframes from any position, set the desired times and perform smooth animations.
Direct Youtube upload
  • Details : Share your videos by directly exporting them to YouTube.
Masking capabilities
with limitations
  • Details : Silhouetter tool and automatic loading within Zephyr are provided from our bundled masking tool, 3DF Masquerade. Free edition users will be able to use masquerade with the only limitation that masks can not be exported to PNG files, but only into our proprietary BIM format.
Pictures import
up to 50 images
up to 500 images
unlimited, depending on available memory
unlimited, depending on available memory
  • Details : All image sizes are supported in .jpg, .png, .tiff and .bmp formats, as well as camera RAW formats.
Video Import
up to 50 frames
up to 500 frames
unlimited, depending on available memory
unlimited, depending on available memory
  • Details : Import directly any movie in .mpeg, .wmv, .avi or .mp4 format
CUDA® computation
single GPU
double GPU
full multi GPU
full multi GPU
  • Details : Zephyr reconstruction engine wisely uses all the resources available. Many part of the computation are carried out on the GPU, where the Nvidia Cuda Technology is available. Don’t you have a Cuda enabled GPU? Don’t worry, the algorithms will still run on the cpu (at lower speed) without any loss of accuracy.
textured mesh only, .jpg only
full mesh export
full camera, point cloud & mesh export
full camera, point cloud & mesh export
  • Details : Export in a wide range of formats: meshes are saved in .ply, .obj and .stl (Zephyr Pro/Aerial can export in .fbx as well, plus different formats for point clouds such as E57, LAS, and much more. Zephyr Pro/Aerial also features PDF 3D, U3D, DXF and COLLADA.
Native Laser Scan support
viewer only
viewer only
  • Details : Open and manage native file (such as fls and fws) all in Zephyr.
External UV mapping
  • Details : Use your preferred 3D editor to change the UV mapping of the exported mesh, then re-import and re-texturize the mesh using that UV mapping in a matter of a few clicks.
Pictures and quality evaluation
  • Details : Blur analysis and a quality ranking tool are provided for your convenience.
Equirectangular decomposition tool
  • Details : Easily decompose any equirectangular images into six views and treat them as normal photos.
Multi ICP registration
  • Details : Easily align any point cloud directly in Zephyr with its state of the art Multi ICP algorithm, be it laser-laser or laser-photogrammetry, all in a visual and incredibly accurate way.
Workspace merge
  • Details : Merge two different workspaces to obtain a bigger, more complex one. You can merge two workspaces either via control points or simply by telling Zephyr which photos are near the newest.
Batch processing
  • Details : Tweak every aspect of the reconstruction process with XML files that can be fed to Zephyr for a powerful and customizable batch processing.
Automatic marker detection
  • Details : Print, use and automatically detect markers.
Point Cloud/Mesh import
  • Details : Import point clouds and meshes directly into the Zephyr Workspace.
Statistical analysis & report
  • Details : An easy to use confidence tool, quickly accessible with one button.
Control points, measurements & volumes
  • Details : Align to know Ground Control Points or known distances and perform 3D metric measurements on the reconstructed scene. Control Points can be added anywhere on the scene by using manual 2D matching or by picking already reconstructed 3D points. By fixing a reference system, you can measure anything you want on the scene and compute volumes (also with visualization) and areas.
Volume projection
  • Details : You may compute the volume of a full mesh, or of the volume projected on a plane. Very useful, for example, to compute the excavated volume of a terrain.
Hollow volume computation
  • Details : Compute volumes of hollow reconstructions, such as tunnels or sewer systems.
Project over a regular grid
  • Details : Especially useful in topography, you can project a point cloud over a regular grid.
Point cloud comparison tool
  • Details : A dedicated tool to view and report the comparison between two point clouds.
Shape from Silhouette
  • Details : Create dense point cloud in a matter of minutes with Zephyr new Shape From Silhouette technology: using only the SfM output and masking, you can recreate any shape - including transparent surfaces - or help the MvS phase by initializing it with the shape from silhouette. SfS point clouds are less detailed but takes way less time to compute.
Orthophoto & Orthomosaic
  • Details : Generate geo-referenced Ortophotos, Orthomosaics or DEMs within a few clicks. A user friendly wizard will guide you to the process in which you can preview the results in real-time before saving. The generation process uses all the pixels information to preserve as much detail as possible.
Polyline drawing
  • Details : Draw polylines over 2D images (or over the 3D reconstruction) and have them automatically appear as 3D in your workspace.
Automatic polyline extraction
  • Details : Automatically extract polylines from images and have them appear in your 3D.
Contour lines generation
  • Details : Quickly and easily create and export .DXF contour lines, manually or with Zephyr assisted generation algorithm - simply define the number and the size of the intersection planes, and let Zephyr do the work.
Sections / Track sections
  • Details : Quickly and easily create single sections or track sections.
DEM viewer
  • Details : An easy to use DEM viewer is available directly within Zephyr.
DEM profile
  • Details : Quickly and easily generate profile from a DEM file with few clicks.
EXIF GPS coordinates
  • Details : Aerial dataset? If the pictures are shot with GPS exif data, you can import those in a simple click into your project.
GPS exif preview
  • Details : Enjoy a quick preview of the camera positions with a real world overlay (internet connection required) when available.
PCS georeferencing support and conversion
  • Details : Zephyr Aerial fully supports the projected coordinate system. You can georeference your project with the PCS in a user friendly interface.
3D Eye App and beecopter support
  • Details : One-click import of project created with the 3D Eye system from Microgeo, plus specifically optimized presets for the drone Beecopter, also from Microgeo.
Tech support
forum & basic email
forum & email
forum & email
  • Details : Stay in the loop of the development: the development team is active on our forum and will gladly answer all your questions and hear your feedback.
Free updates
  • Details : With your license, you will get one year of free updates
EUR 149,00 + vat
EUR 2.400,00 + vat
EUR 3.900,00 + vat
  • Details : Buy and use Zephyr with no hidden fees or recurrent plans.
Optional 12 months renewal
20% of the license cost
20% of the license cost
20% of the license cost
  • Details : You can extend your 12 months updates for 12 more months each year, or you can keep your old version working.

System Requirements


3DF Zephyr is a standalone application that runs on a Windows environment.

Internet connection is needed for the first time product activation.

Please note that 3DF Zephyr is a computationally demanding application as it takes advantage of all available CPU cores and it makes use of the Nvidia Cuda technology where available.

Please note that a CUDA enabled Video card can drastically improve the performances.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista 64 bit
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
  • Memory: 8GB System RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 8GB free HDD Space
  • Video Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB of RAM

Recommended System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista 64 bit
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
  • Memory: 16GB System RAM
  • Hard Disk: 20GB free HDD Space – SSD drive
  • Video Card: NVIDIA video card with 2GB of RAM and Cuda Capabilities > 2.0