Gexcel LineUp®

Speed up and manage all the registration and georeferencing processes.
It contains the Gexcel's target automatic recognition and several instruments like the ICP automatic scan-to-scan alignment algorithm
and the bundle adjustment global alignment.

Gexcel LineUp® Pro

One of the best automatic target-less scans registration system on the market.
Take scans from different manufactures instruments and with different resolutions.
Just 30-40% scans overlap is required to run with success the automatic registration process.

EdgeWise MEP

Dramatically faster MEP modeling workflows and full Revit integration.

EdgeWise Structure

The speed and accuracy of EdgeWise automated feature extraction for structural steel and concrete.

EdgeWise Building

Fast and accurate As-Built BIMs with full Revit integration.

EdgeWise™ Revit® plug-in

Several additional tools, not found in the standard Revit installation, including the ability to fit an as-built wall or bring a point cloud into the family editor.

EdgeWise Plant

Model process plant facilities more accurately and faster than ever before.

EdgeWise Ground

EdgeWise™ PCF Exporter

1-YEAR Maintenance




  • EdgeWise™ PDMS® Plug-in (for EdgeWise™ Plant)

  • EdgeWise™ AutoCAD® Plant3D Plug-in (for EdgeWise™ Plant)