LineUp® Pro provides innovative tools to automatic align large scans projects without targets or spheres and refine the alignment with the new bundle adjustment

  • Raw scan importing and filtering for major laser producers
  • Large project management with grouping strategy
  • Automatic target-less registration
  • Interactive validation process
  • Automation and user control balancing
  • Accurate fine registration with bundle adjustment
  • Quality control registration report
  • Fully compatible with JRC 3D Recostructor®


EdgeWise™ uses groundbreaking algorithms that can automatically identify and extract walls, windows, doors and other features from point clouds and export them as Revit family objects.

  • Extracting planar features from a point cloud
  • Automatically extruding as-built Revit walls
  • Automatically extract windows, doors and other objects
  • Exporting to Revit as family objects
  • Quality assurance tools to guarantee an accurate model