Gexcel LineUp®

Speed up and manage all the registration and georeferencing processes.
It contains the Gexcel's target automatic recognition and several instruments like the ICP automatic scan-to-scan alignment
algorithm and the bundle adjustment global alignment.

Gexcel LineUp® Pro

One of the best automatic target-less scans registration system on the market.
Take scans also from different manufactures instruments and with different resolutions.
Just 30-40% scans overlap is required to run with success the automatic registration process.

EdgeWise™ Plant

Model process plant facilities more accurately and faster than ever before.

EdgeWise™ Structure

The speed and accuracy of EdgeWise automated feature extraction for structural steel and concrete.

EdgeWise Ground

EdgeWise PCF Exporter

1-YEAR Maintenance





  • EdgeWise™ Revit® Plug-in (for EdgeWise™ Plant)

  • EdgeWise™ PDMS® Plug-in (for EdgeWise™ Plant)

  • EdgeWise™ AutoCAD® Plant3D Plug-in (for EdgeWise™ Plant)