Technical Features

FEATURES Reconstructor COLOR add-on MINING add-on HERON add-on
Import point clouds from open formats
  • Details : Imports point clouds from LiDAR, UAV, and 3D sensors, or reference points in open formats (.txt, .las, .laz, .e57, .ptx, .pts, .asc, .ply, .csv)
Import scans in native formats
  • Details : Imports scans from 3D laser scanner sensors (.fls, .zfs, .rxp, .3dd, .x3s, .x3m, .clr, .cl3, .dp, .ixf, .nctri)
Import meshes, CAD/BIM models and polylines
  • Details : Imports meshes, CAD models and polylines (.dxf, .ifc, .stl, .wrl, .vrml, .3ds, .ply, .obj, .dae)
Import colorization of raw scans
  • Details : Colorization of raw scans (FARO and TOPCON* supported) *Data must be preprocessed in Magnet by Topcon
Import full resolution images or panorama images from scan acquisitions
  • Details : Imports full resolution images and generates a panorama image (also from scanner raw data - FARO supported)
Import projects from third parties lidar software
  • Details : Imports RIEGL RiSCAN PRO projects, Z+F LaserControl projects (thermal camera included), FARO Scene and TOPCON projects (data must be preprocessed in Magnet by Topcon)
Export point clouds in open formats
  • Details : Export point clouds (.txt, .las, .laz, .e57, .ptx, .pts, .asc, .ply, .ptc, .ixf)
Export 3D mesh models in open formats
  • Details : Export 3D mesh models (.dxf, .stl, .wrl,. 3ds, .ply, obj, .dae)
ReCap™ Pro connection (import/export) with Gexcel ReCap Plug-in
  • Details : Direct imports of Reconstructor raw data (.rup and .rgp) in ReCap Pro™ (a licenced version of ReCAP is required)
Point clouds noise removal
  • Details : Dedicated filters for clouds noise removal
Point clouds normal calculation
  • Details : Adaptive filter for normal's computation and verification
Point clouds quality assessment
  • Details : Point cloud's quality computation
Point clouds editing and clustering
  • Details : Interactive tool for deleting and masking points, for clustering and simplifying multiple scans
Point clouds skeleton
  • Details : Intelligent point cloud simplification to preserve edges and main discontinuities
Point clouds manual classification
  • Details : Interactive tool for cloud's segmentation in user-defined classes
Vegetation removal
  • Details : Interactive tool to identify and remove vegetation
LineUp® - Automatic clouds registration
  • Details : LineUp® technology for cloud to cloud automatic registration with ICP and bundle adjustment
LineUp® - Automatic cloud to mesh registration
  • Details : CAD and BIM models imported in .dxf, .ifc, .stl, .wrl,. 3ds, .ply, obj, .dae formats can be automatically pre-registered with point clouds. Fine registration tools also available
Registration based on target and spheres
  • Details : Scans registration with automatic extraction of flat targets (circular) and spheres
Cloud to cloud ICP registration
  • Details : Cloud to cloud fine registration with used defined parameters
Multiple scans bundle adjustment
  • Details : Bundle adjustment function using multiple scans to minimize the global error after the ICP registration
Georeferencing of models
  • Details : Clouds and meshes georeferencing by target resection and/or scan cloud's origins constraining
Manual registration of models
  • Details : Set of tools to manually align scans, meshes, BIM and CAD models
Multi-resolution mesh
  • Details : Scans-based uniform and multi-resolution meshes (ideal for modelling large buildings)
View dependent mesh
  • Details : Mesh from user defined view (ideal for building façades)
Topographic mesh
  • Details : TIN mesh with kriging interpolation (ideal for DSM, excavations, open pit mines)
3D Mesh
  • Details : Full 3D mesh from 3D point clouds (ideal for convex and concave surfaces, tunnels, tanks, statues)
Mesh editor and simplification
  • Details : Tools window to fill mesh holes, cut triangles and simplify meshes
Mesh border automatic extraction
  • Details : Extract mesh borders as 3D polylines exportable in .dxf
Smart polyline drawing
  • Details : Create, edit, group and layout 3D polylines
Fitting of primitives to the point cloud
  • Details : Robust fittings of planes, circles, spheres, cylinders and cones (useful for bridge clearance)
Distances and intersections between primitives
  • Details : Interactive tool to measure distances or intersect primitives: easy calculation of objects heights, bridge clearance, poles distances, etc.
Point colour editor
  • Details : Point cloud editor to create eight maps, range maps, inclination, and multi-band layers
Scan layer from external images
  • Details : Tool to save, edit or add a colour layer to scan (useful for colours enhance or simulations/layering in restoration or architectural applications)
Colour layer cloud segmentation
  • Details : Interactive tool for cloud segmentation based on colour layers. Includes the possibility to create and merge new colour layers
Perspective, orthographic and spherical cameras calibration
  • Details : Internal and external camera calibration (perspective, ortho and spherical cameras) using 3D points from point clouds or meshes: chessboard internal calibration included. Thermal images supported
Real-time image projection on 3D models
  • Details : Real-time re-projection of calibrated images on 3D model (ideal for orthophotos extraction)
Texture meshing with calibrated cameras
  • Details : 3D mesh texture mapping based on calibrated images
GeoTIFF import and projection
  • Details : Import and projection of GeoTIFF images from UAV or aerial images (.TIFF)
Virtual scan
  • Details : Organize full 3D dataset in gridded point clouds given defined position and projection (orthogonal, perspective, cylindrical, spherical)
Unfold cylindrical/spherical surfaces
  • Details : Unfold cylindrical and spherical surfaces, based on virtual scan
Video recording
  • Details : Create videos from a camera path or a user-defined trajectory (export in .avi format)
Inspection, planarity and verticality maps
  • Details : Measure differences between a point cloud and a mesh model. Ideal for landslide/mine change detection, planarity and verticality maps, or BIM verification.
Tunnelling tools
  • Details : Dedicated tunnel tools to extract cross-sections and 2D view for measuring distances and volumes. Includes unfolding the tunnel surface respect to the tunnel axis
DEM generation
  • Details : Extracts elevations or depth points from complex point clouds to support DTM or DSM generation
3DF Zephyr models import
  • Details : Import point and mesh model from 3DF Zephyr projects
3DF Zephyr direct connection
  • Details : Set of tools to interact with 3DF Zephyr software, connect lidar survey with UAV data, use lidar data to calibrate and scale image-based models
Blueprint navigation and managing
HERON® georeferencing
  • Details : Georeference HERON® survey based on targets, spheres and control points
Send scans to HERON® Desktop
  • Details : Process static point clouds to be used as constraints in HERON® the trajectory optimization workflow
Reference maps for HERON® tracking
  • Details : Create reference maps to be used in the HERON® Tracking mode
Export to Orbit GT software
  • Details : Export HERON® mobile data in the Orbit GT software with a dedicated template
Point clouds registration report
  • Details : Generate a .pdf report for point clouds registration results
Aligned clouds in open formats and ReCap
  • Details : Exports point clouds in open formats and Reconstructor raw data in Autodesk® ReCap project
Mesh models in open formats
  • Details : Export 3D mesh models in open formats
3D Distances
  • Details : Extract and export distances (with components in current UCS) between points and primitives
Area calculation
  • Details : Calculate area under a point cloud or a mesh
  • Details : Computes profiles according to user-defined start/end points
  • Details : Computes multiple cross-sections (direct export in .dxf format, slice of points and 2D views). Sections can be viewed and measured with the free GoBlueprint tool.
Mesh borders and edges extraction
  • Details : Detect borders and edges from a given mesh as 3D polylines (.dxf format)
  • Details : Computes isolines from open-pit mines, stockpiles, terrain models. Isolines can be viewed and measured with the free GoBlueprint tool.
Spot height maps
  • Details : Orthophotos and x-ray orthophotos can be used to quickly and efficacy create spot height maps or depth maps of building façades
Volume calculation (with pdf report)
  • Details : Calculates a volume under mesh models, given a reference plane and a polyline perimeter. Volume report in pdf
Cut & Fill volume (with pdf report)
  • Details : Computes Cut & Fill volume between two mesh models, given a reference plane and a polyline perimeter. Volume report in pdf
Crests & Toes as polylines
  • Details : Extract Crests & Toes from meshes and DTM models
Orthophotos from point clouds and meshes
  • Details : Interactive tool to create orthophotos given a point clouds or a meshes
Orthophotos from hi-res textured meshes
  • Details : Interactive tool to create orthophotos given a high resolution textured model
X-Ray orthophotos from point clouds and meshes
  • Details : Special orthophoto tool that enhances the visibility of objects edges
Models change detection (with pdf report)
  • Details : Report 3D models differences for as built/as designed verifications with user-defined color coding
Planarity and verticality maps (with pdf report)
  • Details : Report planarity and verticality maps with user-defined color coding
Internal camera calibrations
  • Details : Export internal camera calibration parameters using a chessboard
External camera calibrations
  • Details : Export camera calibration parameters using 3D points (perspective, ortho, and spherical)
Videos in standard formats
  • Details : Generate and export fly-through video in standard formats