• Import plan views of your site Easily manage large scanning projects and speed up the global scans/point clouds registration. When in few days a huge number of scans are taken by different surveyors in different positions. Plan your work in advance, or while you are surveying, and optimize it.
  • Note scan/targets position and properties For each scan you can take a note of useful characteristics or personal data of the surveyors and insert your comments. You can insert also more notes like scanning timing, scanner model (by choosing it among the most popular ones: Focus3D, Stonex and Z+F) and all the notes you think can be necessary.
  • Seamlessly, automatically process your data Easily connect iPad and PC, to import scans positions and properties in JRC 3D Reconstructor®, and seamlessly run automatic, target-less registration using LineUp® Pro. LineUp Notes also organizes your survey projects for efficient post-processing and sharing.
  • Connect your survey positions and data with your PC using JRC 3D Reconstructor®, to easily organize your elaboration and seamlessly run the automatic target-less registration process using LineUp® Pro.


  • Control your FARO Focus3D directly from iPad Through a WiFi connection. Your scans will automatically appear in LineUp Notes, already tagged with their resolution, quality and color settings.
  • Add photo attachments to scans and targets To keep track of their exact position and visibility, or to take note of any visual information you may need later.
  • Generate and email a PDF report with a detailed overview of your Field Books and all the scans' and targets' positions.


  • iOS 8.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPad mini and iPad retina