Processing Workflow

1 - REMOTE CONTROL: Connect the Focus3D to the PC control unit. LAN connection.

2 - SCANNING PARAMETERS SETTING: Remotely fully control and change the scanning parameters of the Focus3D.

3 - SCANNING AGENDA: Remotely define your automatic scanning agenda and your reference frame.

4 - START: Run a fully automatic scanning activity.

5 - DATA STORE INTO PC: Scan data are automatically stored into the Remote Computer.

6 - REAL-TIME 3D MONITORING: Automatically runs on the remote PC a 3D deformations check.

7 - DATA ARCHIVING: Automatic archive the scans and the monitoring results.

8 - ALARM E-MAILS: Automatically send deformations alarms.


Main Features

  • Fully Focus3D remote control
  • Automatic scanning agenda
  • Automatic scan-based deformations check, ROI (Region Of Interest) setting and real-time visualization
  • Deformations thresholds and alarm e-mails
  • Drive Focus3D and ScanArmor® with a single interface and LAN connection
  • 3D data storage in the remote computer
  • Tools to automatically run the synchronized scanning procedures of the Focus3D and ScanArmor®
  • User friendly interface
  • Four levels of user access
  • All 3D scan data compatible with JRC 3D Reconstructor® post processing software


Technical info

  • LASER COMPATIBILITY: The whole FARO Focus3D family (120; 130; 330)
  • EXPORT: Report (Pdf) | Inspection Data | Email Alert


System requirements (recommanded)

  • OS: Windows XP SP2 | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Windows 8
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce FX or successive
  • Minimum 4GB RAM | NVIDIA GeForce 500 with at least 512MB