The OPMMS performs real-time 3D monitoring and calculation in a simple and effective way through a web interface. The OPMMS software lets the terrestrial laser scanner keep watch on your site 24/7, by Automated user-configurable warning system alarms and Timed-based statistical report generation for technical analysis.



  • Monitoring Session Management
  • Laser Scanner Control
  • Laser Info and Status Monitoring (see note 1)
  • External Camera Handling for high-resolution image acquisition and storage
  • Scan Pose Registration: Automatic Fine Registration to improve scan alignment
  • Scan Pose Recovery (see note 2)
  • Single Reference Base Scan with Mask Filtering Option | Additional Intermediate Reference Points
  • Data Processing and Analysis Engine
  • Configurable Thresholds and Alarms (see note 3)
  • Customizable Scheduler Function
  • Automatic and Manual On-the-Fly Outputs (Statistics, Inspection Map, Classification Chart, Displacement and Displacement Rate Graphs over Time Interval)
  • Platform Rollover Control Functions
  • Post Processing Option: Delayed Analysis of Session Data
  • Results Exporting Functions



(1) Not for ILRIS laser scanner
(2) Using registration tools available in Reconstructor®
(3) Function on demand and subject to the availability of a text messaging local service provider. Customization development, subscription fee and traffic costs not included.




To improve your OPMMS, we recommend adding Reconstructor® Mining to perform alignment tasks and accurate volume calculation.



  • Importing of raw data from different lidar sensors (terrestrial, airborne, mobile), UAV and DTM
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Scans alignment and geo-referencing
  • DTM creation
  • Geotiff from airborne or UAV supported
  • Data extraction: cut&fill volumes, crests&toes, isolines, slope monitoring and change detections
  • Specific tools for tunnelling
  • Export to CAD (for mine break lines)